Buying a new apartment or house

There are both practical and financial advantages to buying a new apartment or house. If you buy a new property, you opt for ventilated living spaces, well-equipped apartments: large terraces, private car parks, equipped cupboards, large openings… Discover : . In addition, the new property offers you the guarantee of a new aesthetic, security and advantages: secure residence (videophone, 3 or 5 storey landing doors), beautiful green spaces, buildings with contemporary architecture. In addition, the purchase of a brand new apartment allows you to benefit from reduced notary fees of about 3% of the total amount of your purchase. The French authorities, wishing to promote home ownership, have set up the zero-interest fortified loan scheme.

A rental property investment

A rental property investment consists in buying one or more properties in order to let them out and build a progressive portfolio. The interest of this purchase lies in its own rental sustainability, i.e. the investment costs must be covered largely, if not entirely, by rental income and tax deductions. In addition, in order to be able to contribute money to rental housing, you must meet several conditions – income and debt ratio. Feel free to put the different banks in competition to get the best interest rates or use a brokerage company. You need to study precisely the profitability of your work by assessing the demand for leasing in the region, the state of construction, the various costs that will be charged to you, etc. For more informations about luxury villas cote d’azur for rent, contact a professionnal.

Home investment

Home investment remains one of the most lucrative investments in the long term. As long as you are well informed. Although small areas remain privileged for attractive returns, the environment of the home purchased is no less of a key issue. The proximity of schools, shops, roads, ongoing development projects… reinforces the attractiveness of an address, which makes it easier for prospective tenants to find their way around. Other questions may also be involved in the selection, as if you wanted to live in the house in the very long term. In short, many parameters to analyze and take into account (and especially since renting is not an investment free of constraints or risks related to a risk such as unpaid rent), if we want to obtain the best possible return on a property purchased for rent.

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